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Pilipino-Bisayans in British Columbia

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Recent and Upcoming Events

Recent Events


Fernando Nalikat

Wish you all had seen the BisCan stars like Dennis Senador and other Filipino Canadians who showed their wares during the 1st Bisaya-nanza musical show. For all the BisCans who were there, you indeed attended a very important event in your life. It was an intimate and unforgettable evening with Visayans, Filipinos as a whole, Canadians and other nationalities who gathered together for one cause. “Eat and dance their heart out”.

The 1st Bisaya-nanza musical show was held at the spacious Renfrew Park Community Center on August 27th, 2004. It was a capacity crowd, a diverse yet predominantly Cebuano-speaking Filipinos flocked into the venue.

Dennis Senador started off with a couple of classics, yet the former Cebu heartthrob, who owned the Sto. Nino grocery store on Main Street, Vancouver, wowed the crowd with his dynamic voice. He was able to grasp the audience’s attention as his opening song drew a loud cheers from the audience.

Gracelle Bonifacio, who is planning to pursue a carrer in music, took the stage with a couple of songs. She dazzled the crowd with her amazing vocal phrasing reminiscent to Whitney Houston.

Irene Lumayag who was fresh from the Pacific National Exhibition singing contest did an equally superb vocal rendition. Fernandlo Nalikat, though the oldest amongst the performers, proved to his teen-age counterparts that he was not long in the tooth with his Victor Wood reminiscing voice.

The atmosphere was ignited when the duo of Archie and Ross started playing dance music. It was then the time of the crowd to jump on their feet and started sweating themselves out. The band played an hour of non-stop dance music including disco and swing. The songs were just perfect for the crowd’s taste as they swarmed like bees on the dance floor.

It got really hot when Pinoy Radio announcer Joe Jammer stole the show with his raps and energized the crowd who excitedly responded to his “yes yes yo!”. Many thought that the lad was a native English-speaking disc jockey because of his flawless Canadian-English accent. But na! He was a former DYXL-Cebu radio jock who has been living in Vancouver for over 10 years.

The party received tons and tons of compliments from our guests who shared the same thoughts that the party was indeed a real success. Thanks to the effort and patience of our hardworking officers and members who take time out of their busy schedules to make sure that the event would be a success.

As we took great pride with the excellent performances of our fellow Filipino-Canadians as though they were real celebrities, we also felt that the event was a rare opportunity to get to know with other Visayans in Greater Vancouver. Partying with Filipinos who speak your native tongue on a foreign land was totally an unforgettable experience. I can't put our pleasure into words, but we really had so much fun!!!

The show was presented in cooperation with Gina's Hair Salon on Fraser Street, Baclaran Market and Video Rental also on Fraser Street and Quaipo Market in Whistler and Squamish.

Kudos to Dennis, the two man band, Ross and Archie, Gracelle Bonifacio, Fernando Nalikat, Irene Lumayag and Joe Jammer. Without out you guys, the event would have not been that successful.

Till next time......the more explosive Bisaya-nanza part II next year... Cheers.

Jeffrey Omambac

Barbecue and Picnic.

The organization had its first picnic on July 15th @ Trout Lake park. The picnic was attended by approximately 50 families from all over the lower mainland. As it was a potlock, tons of succulent foods were brought by our proud members, from pork and chicken BBQ's, pork hocks stew, authentic Bisayan desserts and a lot more.

It was fun!! we pigged out, we played volleyball, badminton, and softball. Kids were diving and swimming on the lake with ducks. Yucks!!! Yeah!!! there were ducks, particularly Grebes, swimming with the kids. Canadian Laws don't discriminate against ducks even though they shit on the lake while kids frolick in the water. Phew!!!!!! ...No offense please..joke only..

I didn't know that there were many good players in our group. Had we formed this organization before, we could have represented Canada in the last Summer Olympics.

Because of the scorching heat of the sun, our skin turned white and our hair turned blonde.

See picture below......

A barbecue party; Size=240 pixels wide

Gracelle Bonifacion


BisCan beauties......but pssssst.....their bodyguards are real hunks



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